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Shilajit, Cosmetics & Skin Care

I’m sure that by now you are all well versed with the wonderful benefits of shilajit and how it is formed, but let us have a little recap. As plant matter and minerals slowly decompose, a wonderous black sticky tar is formed. It seeps out of rocks found in high mountain ranges such as Altai. This black tar like substance known as shilajit has long been, not only trusted in Ayurvedic medicine but venerated for its holistic properties.

The uses of this wonderful substance is endless, and a current hot topic is the use of shilajit in cosmetics, and rightly so, being so rich in minerals and antioxidants why wouldn’t you want to immerse yourself in it?

You might have noticed some new products in the store such as our new, handmade cold pressed soap and ointment/skin balm. Before we delve into what the ingredients lists have to offer, let’s look more closely at some of the benefits of shilajit for our health and beauty.

We are constantly being bombarded by top beauty brands to apply creams that are supposedly rich in collagen in the hope that we will look younger and more radiant.

shilajit is however becoming an increasingly popular alternative to creams loaded with parabens, perfumes and other carcinogenic nasties. Unlike these manmade toxic and expensive trends, shilajit promises to take care of our skin safely. Studies reveal that shilajit can help to keep our skin tighter, reducing fine lines and wrinkles while also promoting skin regeneration.

A recent 12-week study was carried out, analysing the effects shilajit has on human mitochondria. As shilajit is renowned for its antioxidants, researchers wanted to find out if shilajit could promote collagen formation, a fibrous protein found mainly in our skin, ligaments and tendons needed for healthy skin rejuvenation.

This research was carried out on healthy participants who ingested 250mg of shilajit twice daily. The study revealed that six different types of collagen were increased, including elastin, one we hear a lot about in the world of health and beauty.

So, with its amazing collagen boosting properties, shilajit is a must for not only looking younger but also for effective wound healing. As collagen attracts fibroblasts and encourages deposition of new collagen to the wound bed, helping to stimulate new tissue growth.

Therefore, we can’t stress enough how our Altai Mountain Shilajit Skin Care can be used not only as a cosmetic but also for the improvement of circulation, wounds, infections, various skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and rosacea, as a massage oil to reduce muscular pain and spasms, and even help to reduce symptoms of inflammatory diseases such as arthritis.

Made with pure shilajit resin and a host of other healing plant extract and essential oils, here is just a quick glance at some of the ingredients:

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice

Scientifically proven to reduce the visible effects of inflammation on the skin which come with various skin conditions such as dermatitis and eczema.

Olive Oil (Olea Europaea)

This household staple is packed full of antioxidants making it a top choice for an anti-aging remedy.

Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil

Incredibly high in vitamin E, it also acts as an emollient which means it traps moisture in, maintaining healthy hydrated skin. It also helps prevent damage to cells by ultraviolet light and aids against premature ageing of skin by protecting the collagen and elastin content.