Altai Mountain Shilajit Resin 125g (1 Year Supply)

Altai Mountain Shilajit Resin 125g (1 Year Supply)

Altai Mountain Pure Shilajit Resin 125g (approx 1 year supply)

Each order comes with a free Altai Mountain Shilajit Soap bar!

Supreme quality authentic Siberian pure Shilajit resin. 

85+ Minerals - 75% Fulvic Acid - 8.2% Humic AcidNo GMO's - 100% Natural - 100% Organic - Vegan Friendly - 3rd Party Lab Tested - No Added Ingredients - Eco-Friendly Packaging

Each order comes in a unique natural bamboo jar and with an Altai Mountain birchwood serving scooper. Eco-friendly packaging made from recycled cardboard and locally sourced wood wool. Information Booklet Included.

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    Altai Mountain Pure Shilajit Resin - 125g (approx 1 year supply)

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    To encourage eco-friendly business practices, we will offer a 20% discount on your next order if you can return the refillable jars to us. Please contact via email or social media for returns address.

    We are so confident that this product will change your life that we offer a 60 day return policy if unsatisfied with results (We recommend using daily for 60 days consecutively to feel maximum benefits).

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