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Shilajit is jam packed with nutrients with many health benefits for both mind and body. Its healing and vitality properties combined with its impressive nutritional value make it the ultimate superfood.

With over 85 essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, proteins, amino acids, carbon 60, dibenzo-alpha-pyrones, humins and the key ingredient, fulvic acid, adding shilajit to your diet can provide endless health benefits.

Shilajitin Ayurveda mixed herbs and extracts in bowls on a table


In Ayurvedic medicine, the use of shilajit has been prolific for thousands of years. It has been documented in ancient scriptures (notably the 'Charaka Samhita' and 'Sushrut Samhita'), as being used as a panacea for preventing and treating inflammations and disease in the body. 

Shilajit is a rejuvanator known as a 'rasayana' in Ayurveda. It has the ability to balance all three 'Doshas' (see Health Guides section below for more info on Ayurvedic principle of 'Doshas') and nourish the body and mind from a cellular level.


Although the power of Shilajit has been known by ancient cultures, its natural healing properties are now being discovered by western science. Its uses are increasing rapidly throughout the world as modern research is beginning to discover this ancient knowledge, the wonders of holistic health and natural medicine.  

Health Benefits

may include:

boosts energy & Stamina
Boost ATP, blood flow & vo2 capacity

supports male & female sexual function
Increase nitric oxide and blood flow, regulates hormones in both males (boosts testosterone) and females (regulate menstrual cycle)

improves cognitive function
Improves focus, memory and brain function

boosts immune system
85 essential nutrients help the body stay equipped to tackle unwanted intruders, viruses and toxicity

Protect the body from oxidative-stress, defending from unwanted intruders, viruses, toxins and sweeping up free radicals

remove toxicity
Detoxify the body, removing heavy metals, decalcifying glands and removing free radicals and toxins

reduce inflammation
Fulvic acid can help to reduce inflammations in the body. inflammation is the root cause of chronic conditions and disease

supports metabolism of fats & sugars
Boosts metabolism which aids in burning excess body fat

Helps to maintain prostate health
Vital for male health and longevity

maintains urinary system
Rejuvenates the urinary tract and helps maintain strong kidney function. Promotes healthy blood sugar levels and is a diuretic

helps to regulate menstrual cycle
Due to the balancing nature of adaptogens. Helps you to generate follicle-stimulating hormone at the appropriate times, binds to the ovaries and signals them to generate oestrogen and progesterone, that help to regulate the menstrual cycle

maintain bone strength
Shilajit contains good amount of calcium that can be used by the human body to meet the calcium requirements for healthy bones

cellular rejuvenation and vitality
Shilajit contains good amount of calcium that can be used by the human body to meet the calcium requirements for healthy bones

balance hormone levels
Shilajit helps to balance and regulate hormones which effect libido, sleep, mood, sexual function and energy levels

For some further details on how our shilajit products can benefit you and direct links to relevant recent clinical trials please see our Health Guide section below.

*Disclaimer - We are not medical professionals and do not give medical advice. If unsure whether to take shilajit please consult with your GP first. Health claims are not authorised by European governing bodies.

Shilajit health benefits for men

For men

Increase in Testosterone 

Increased sex drive, increased energy, motivation, enhanced ability to gain muscle mass and reduce body fat. One study shows a 23.5% increase in natural testostone production after using shilajit for 90 days consecutively.

Increased Cognitive Function

Attacks the build up of tau proteins in the body which inevitably lead to cognitive disorders like diementia and Alzheimer's.

Maintains Cardiovascular Health

Shilajit is packed with minerals including iron and copper which are essential for allowing oxygen to be carried by red blood cells

Immunity Boost

Shilajit contains 8 essential nutrients which the body needs to stay optimised, healthy and equipped to tackle unwanted intruders.

Fights Fatigue

Fulvic acid helps to stimluate mitochrondria in cells allowing a slow release of energy.

Sexual Perfomance and Stamina

Acclerates nitric oxide production allowing for better circulation whilst increasing natural testosterone production and improving sperm count and quality

Removes Toxins

Detoxify's the body, removes heavy metals, decalcifies the glands and removes free radicals and toxicity

Increased Fertility

One study found that sperm count increased by 61%, normal sperm count increased by 18.9%, Sperm motility improved by between 12.7 and 17.4%, serum testosterone increased by 23.5% and follicle-stimulating hormone increased by 9.4%.


Promotes Hair and Nail Growth

Rapid hair and nail growth. Shilajit has been used to induce hair growth to treat baldness and even on alopecia patients.

Anti-Ageing / Healthy skin

Shilajit is packed full of minerals and fulvic acid. These combine to boost cellular rejuvenation and promotes healthy skin slowing the ageing process.

Helps with Anaemia (Iron Deficiency)

Iron is often deficient during and after a cycle. Shilajit will help to replenish crucial minerals like zinc, magnesium, selenium, potassium and of course, iron.

Balances Hormones

Regulates and balances hormone production which effects sleep, mood, appetite, libido and energy levels.

Regulate Menstrual Cycle

Due to the balancing nature of adaptogens. Shilajit helps to generate follicle-stimulating hormone and balance oestrogen and progesterone, which helps to regulate the menstrual cycle.

​Increase Metabolism 

Shilajit is rich in a range of essential nutrients that strengthen and sustain the body which is why it can help curb your appetite, whilst burning up fats and sugars.

Increase Fertility

You'll experiance regular cycles, balanced hormones, enhanced mood and increased energy combined with removal of free radicals and toxicity all combine to support healthy fertility.

Shilajit health benefits for athletes. man putting on hand straps

for athletes

Rapid Recovery, Growth & Repair

Shilajit upregulates the genes responsible for making collagen, and 16 other related proteins relevant to the structural and biochemical integrity of the cells in your body.

More Energy

Shilajit enhances mitochondria function and boosts ATP. Helps transport nutrients into muscle tissue where they will be used making energy last longer.

More Endurance

Boosts Nitric Oxide (NO) by up to 30%.causing the vessels to widen increasing blood flow to your muscles, you will be able to perform to a higher standard, and for longer.

Marginal Gains

Shilajit doesn’t just give you that extra 1%, it contributes towards a multitude of different 1%’s, boosting your overall performance.


Shilajit improves cognitive function, mood, sleep and regulate hormone production.

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