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Shilajit & Sports Performance

'Shilajit' isn't a house hold name here in the west, as it is in other parts of the world, but it should be part of our daily diet. Shilajit has many uses and even more benefits, and is a common feature in Ayurvedic and Chinese traditional medicines.

Shilajit in its pure form is 100% natural and organic and free from any other ingredients or preservatives that could reduce its potency. Learn more about the effectiveness of taking Shilajit for an active lifestyle in more detail here.

For bodybuilders, it is important to maintain good cellular rejuvenation for the muscles you break down during your workout. As a heavy training routine will cause stress and damage to muscle groups, reducing the time it takes for the muscles to repair is crucial for building mass.

Nutrition is more important than exercise, so as a general rule to bring it into perspective is 80% nutrition to 20% fitness. Let that sink in! This demonstrates how important nutrition is in a person’s workout regime, whether you are a bodybuilder, a general fitness fanatic, boxer or just starting out. Shilajit can be the perfect partner to start your journey into creating a better, healthier you.

Shilajit is a powerful antioxidant too, so if you’re looking to kick-start your health and fitness, making Shilajit resin part of your nutrition programme will make a world of difference.

In recent years, more and more athletes are starting to use Shilajit, especially in Boxing and other combat sports.

The particular benefits that will help you most in combat sports are:

1. Increased Energy Levels & Stamina

Getting fatigued in the ring is never a good thing, especially early on. Everybody has their limits. You can only push and develop those limits by improving nutrition and training. This is what separates beginners from the amateurs and the pros. Taking Shilajit before a training session or an event will help to give you an extra stamina boost, which could be the edge that gives you the win.

2. Enhanced Cognitive Function

Staying alert in the ring can mean the difference between winning or losing a match. You need to call on your training and stay on your toes to anticipate your opponent’s next move and counter it. Shilajit helps to clear the mind, reduce stress and improve concentration, which will all contribute to making the right split second decisions.

3. Improved Memory

When newer to combat sports, especially boxing, it is easy to forget the basics while developing your skills and technique. The most common mistake is dropping your hands, and it does catch out some pros too when they get fatigued.

4. Naturally Iron Rich to Counter Iron Deficiency (Anaemia)

Shilajit is packed with over 85 trace minerals, and contains high levels of iron.

Exercise induced iron anaemia is a forgotten cause in young adults. Each time you put your body through extreme exercise or endurance training you deplete your iron levels at a quicker rate. Using Shilajit will induce a rapid recuperation of iron and other essential minerals after exercise.

5. Rapid Recovery & Treatment of Injury

Of course during intense physical activity, injuries are inevitable. One of the many gifts Shilajit has to offer is its ability to aid a rapid recovery. Shilajit is a powerful and very effective anti-inflammatory which can be applied in numerous ways to help rejuvenate. Shilajit can be applied to cuts, burns and open wounds, used to reduce bruising and even as a pain killer. The active ingredients in Shilajit work together to aid cellular rejuvenation with vigour, making your time out of action as short as possible.

There are also many more benefits in using Shilajit, be sure to check out our range online. We have one of the purest and most potent Shilajit resin products available and at a very competitive price.

Full range of Altai Mountain Shilajit products available here!


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