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Shilajit & Female Health Benefits

A woman's experience with Altai Mountain Shilajit

We have all heard of the many health benefits Shilajit has for men, but let us not overlook the health benefits this ‘herb’ has for women too. I know that there are times of the month where my energy levels have been low, leaving me feeling completely drained and dazed, like I have not been in the room. All of this would result in bad moods and negative thinking. I put this fatigue and irritability down to low iron levels. I have suffered with anaemia in and out for years, and it’s always worse during menstruation. The good news is that Shilajit is jam packed full of iron! In fact, it’s full of lots and lots of essential minerals that the female body needs and loves, such as Selenium, Zinc and Calcium. I am now more energised and upbeat during my whole cycle and am exercising and using my body, whereas before I just wanted to curl up on the sofa during that time of the month. I am also considerably calmer with a feeling of being more in control of my emotions.

This makes sense as Shilajit is an adaptogen, which is a natural substance that helps the body adapt to stress. I have suffered with anxiety on and off for years. I would get flustered quite easily in social situations, worrying and overthinking just about everything. As a result, I was easily overwhelmed. I now deal with tasks in a methodical manner. I feel that I am in the present moment much more. This really does stand out as a massive difference since taking Shilajit. I can just get on with things now without feeling weighed down by them. Studies show that one of the ways it does this is by tackling those nasty stress hormones and increasing the happy ones. It also boasts high levels of fulvic acid, which is a natural energy enhancer and stress fighter, which also helps to transport nutrients around the body and is a great cleanser of toxins. Another reason we get energised is because Shilajit boosts the function of the mitochrondria in the cells. This is where your body’s energy is made. I for one thought that being tired after a long day or even by midday sometimes was quite normal. Caffeine was my main go to for a pick me up, but sadly it puts you back down with a thump! However, Shilajit has been a fantastic addition to my morning regime and is now my instant energiser. It's a bit of a family joke if I treat myself to that cheeky second-serving, it’s so good, it almost feels a little bit naughty!

Now It’s not just my moods which are calmer, my cycle has always been, let’s say a little erratic but this has regulated itself lately. This simple luxury of knowing where you are in the month is not something to be taken for granted. Studies show that this regulation occurs due to the balancing of female reproductive hormones which in turn help to regulate your cycle. It is amazing how little things like this can impact your life so considerably. Fatigue, low iron, anxiety, PMT, irregular menstruation- this mysterious superfood hasn’t been named the ‘Conqueror of Mountains' or 'Destroyer of Weakness’ for thousands of years for nothing, it really does work wonders.


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