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5 Ways to Increase Natural Testosterone

Gentlemen, please sit comfortably. We are about to discuss some very important points about our hormones, our ball bags and our libidos.

As we know, testosterone is the predominant male hormone and is responsible for muscle mass, bone density and sex drive. Most of it is produced in the testicles. Natural testosterone production is at its peak during late adolescence and then gradually drops off each year, approximately 1% each year after we reach our 30's. For the male body to function properly, healthy levels of testosterone are required. With the right levels, the body will run like a fine tuned and well oiled machine. On the contrary, low levels can contribute to the

body feeling slow and sluggish. Here are some possible side effects of low

testosterone, or 'Hypogonadism'.

- Loss of muscle mass

- Fatigue

- Weight Gain

- Low Libido

- Poor Sexual Function

- Depression

Not to mention that females are scientifically proven to be naturally attracted to males with high levels of testosterone. As a male, these are not symptoms we would wish to be suffering from, and it is unfortunately becoming a very common problem amongst young men, with 1 in 4 males now showing signs of low testosterone levels. In short, healthy levels of testosterone are what makes a man, a man. Instinctively, females are attracted to masculine males, just as males are attracted to feminine females. It's not rocket science, it's nature!

Now, maybe something you didn't know, studies show that natural testosterone

detrimental impact on male general health and wellbeing, which is a huge concern.

The significant indicator in this deterioration is lifestyle. Luckily for us, lifestyle is

something that we all have complete control over.

Producing and balancing healthy hormone levels are crucial for overall health and wellness, maintaining relationships and performing at your best, both mentally and physically. Here's 5 ways to naturally increase your testosterone levels.

1. Lift Weights (and don't skip leg day!)

Exercise, and exercise often. Apply the phrase "Go hard, or go home" to your workout mentality and feel an immediate and rapid increase in testosterone build up. Lifting weights is a very effective way to boost production of testosterone, paying close attention to the larger muscle groups. DO NOT skip leg day! As testosterone production is generated in the loins, which is also where the largest muscles of the body are, leg day is what separates the men from the boys in terms of producing testosterone. Ironically, skipping the gym will leave you feeling lethargic, lazy and lacking in motivation. This will in turn have a damaging effect on your hormone levels. The more you work out, the easier it becomes. Testosterone production will stimulate the release of dopamine and serotonin in your brain, rewarding you for your hard work. You will then subconsciously seek to maintain these levels as your body will crave it. Get addicted to being healthy, happiness will quickly follow.

5 Best Work Outs for Boosting Testosterone:

- Squats

- Dead Lift

- Bench Press

- Back Row

- Pull Ups/Push Ups

Go get after it!

2. Improve Your Diet

Diet is perhaps the main contributing factor to the decline in testosterone and other hormone related issues in both males and females. Did you know that preservatives and artificial flavours in food heavily impact the bodies ability to maintain healthy hormone levels? To keep your hormones in check, avoid processed foods and GMO's like a plague. Certain chemicals and pesticides/herbicides in 'food' nowadays have been proven to wreak havoc on hormones and reproductive systems. In particular, a pesticide called 'Atrazine'. Atrazine is the most commonly used pesticide in the US. It is toxic and a heavy pollutant to the body and also the environment. Several studies show that exposure to Atrazine in animals has drastically impaired their ability to breed, impacting the male hormones so dramatically, it changes sexuality, kills sperm and can even change their gender!

This is only one of the hundreds of artificial chemicals used in modern day agriculture and food production. Be very cautious and aware about the quality of food you put into your body as the health effects can be of great consequence. This being said, there are plenty of foods that can assist you in boosting testosterone levels. These include:

- Pomegranate

- Honey

- Fatty Fish

- Avocado

- Ginger

- Onion

- Leafy Green Vegetables

- Beans

- Pumpkin Seeds

- Blueberries

- Raw Cacao

- Brazil Nuts

3. Stop Watching Porn (semen retention)

Now, I realise that this will be a tough one for some of us, but we need to recognise

the facts. Excessive viewing is terribly damaging to our testosterone levels, giving us a whole bunch of side effects to navigate and not to mention the implication it has on the way we think our relationships.

Allowing these highly sexualised images enter our minds is exciting at first, but the brain quickly becomes tolerant, and soon starts to chase that initial 'high'.

Arousal becomes increasingly difficult, leaving us forever dependant on the

images we see on the screen. What’s more, the more we masturbate, the more

testosterone we waste. This inevitably changes the everyday behaviours of a man.

As we know, the majority of testosterone is produced in the testicles, so abstaining

from excessive masturbation will raise your testosterone levels. Consequently, your

behaviours will change, and real intimate relationships will become way more

satisfying. A recent study shows that abstaining from porn and masturbation for just

one week can raise the testosterone levels by a massive 145%! So, fellas, do

yourself a favour and take a break, women can subconsciously smell your

masturbation addiction on you, and they do not find it sexy.

A man's weapon hangs between the legs, keep it locked and loaded and feel your masculinity return with more vigour than ever.

4. Cut The Crap

Cigarettes, alcohol, drugs (both illegal and pharmaceutical), cosmetic and skin care

products, fast food, sugar, the list goes on and on. None of these products are

designed to benefit you and all have negative consequences on your hormones. It’s

true that these products seem rewarding at the time, but they are all highly addictive.

It’s also worth considering the harmful toxins in household items and their hormone

altering effects too. The good news is, we are not obliged to use them. In fact, they

are using us! Why work hard to earn your money just to spend it on produce that

works against you? Find natural, organic and holistic alternatives for household

items such as, deodorant, toothpaste, shower gel, face wash and air freshener, all of

which play havoc with our hormones! Research the ingredients and reconsider the

effect these synthetic chemicals have on your health. Toxins and pollutants store in

the body making you unable to perform as you should. Hormones struggle to

balance themselves as toxicity levels in our body increases, as a result they fall out

of sync, so recognising the chemical intake and reducing poisons is key.

5. Take Shilajit Daily

The importance of mineral intake is undervalued and overlooked in modern medicine. How is it that hardly anybody is aware that the body needs minerals to function properly? Mineral deficiency is becoming more common in the population, but can easily be avoided. When the body is deficient of vital minerals like iron, zinc, potassium, selenium, calcium and magnesium, a vast onset of side effects and illnesses occur. As food becomes decreasingly rich in minerals and the modern diet does not contain anywhere near the required amount of minerals we need, the emphasis on mineral intake is becoming more necessary than ever before. There are plenty of supplements available for all of these individual minerals, but Shilajit, the destroyer of weakness, contains over 85 ionic trace minerals.

An all naturally organic mineral rich secretion of humins, found only in the highest mountain ranges on the planet. In addition to having a huge variety of essential nutrients, Shilajit also contains fulvic acid, humic acid and carbon 60, which all serve to detoxify the body and remove free radicals.

But, most importantly, for the boys, is the fact that purified shilajit is proven to balance hormones effectively, showing an increase in testosterone in males of almost 25% in just 90 days!

So in other words, taking shilajit every day literally makes you more of a man, and more attractive to women! It's scientifically proven.

Our full range of shilajit products are available now through our online store.



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