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PRODUCT LAUNCH: Altai Mountain Shilajit Wildcrafted Sea Moss

The use of Sea Moss (chondrus crispus) or 'Irish Moss' was made famous in the holistic space by the late great Dr Sebi. His work is held in the highest regards amongst herbalists and holistic healers worldwide and he has a fascinating story which ends with his single handedly taking on the pharmaceutical industry in court, and winning! Many of his witnesses told the court of their experiences with Dr Sebi with claims that he had cured them of a host of diseases including syphilis, cancer and AIDS. He later died under suspicious circumstances, many believe as a direct result of the nature of the court case, leaving his life's legacy infamous and well respected.

One ingredient that was prolific in the diet and the works of Dr Sebi was sea moss. Sea moss is one of the most densely packed natural plants available on the planet, with over 92 minerals including potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine, zinc and copper. The body needs 102 minerals to function at maximum capacity so daily intake of sea moss can considerably help to improve overall health.

"God made sea moss and it does everything!" - Dr Sebi

If you do not know about the wonderful work of Dr Sebi, here is a short documentary about his life courtesy of Chime on YouTube...

There are many places in the world were high quality wildcrafted sea moss is harvested, mostly in the Atlantic Ocean from Europe and Africa to the Americas and Caribbean, where it grows off submerged rocks in the ocean. We source ours from the beautiful coast of Zanzibar where the natural environment is largely untouched, the waters are crystal clear and unpolluted. As farmed sea moss does not contain the same amount of essential nutrients, we opted for the wildcrafted moss so to bring you the most possible benefits from this incredible aquatic miracle plant. Irish Moss is technically a 'red algae' and can come in many variants of colour but most common are the golden and purple. Both species are chock full of nutrients and are extremely beneficial.

This Is Mary, one of our sea moss famers from the south-west coast of Zanzibar. Sea Moss farming has changed her life. From her sea moss farming business she has now bought her own boat, scooter and a family home!

Commonly combined with other herbs such as bladderwrack, burdock root and turmeric, sea moss is simple to add to your daily routine as it can be taken in many forms, you can add it to your cooking raw, take powdered supplements usually in capsule form or the most fashionable way to prepare lately is in a gel which can be added to food or drink. It is surprisingly very subtle in its taste and has been used as a thickening agent in many food and household products for years.

We have been busy in the lab working on bringing you, our loyal customers, a superfood blend of our Himalayan Shilajit Extract together with Full Spectrum Sea Moss from Zanzibar to make this organic combination of anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, dibenzo-alpha-pyrones, chlorophyll, omega-3, proteins, lipids, peptides, amino acids, carbon 60 (fullerenes), humins and fulvic acid. An absolute powerhouse of natural nutrients which will help to boost and bolster your immune system.

Sea Moss and Shilajit combined are a match made in heaven, both working to aid the body repair itself from a cellular level, revitalising the organs and removing free radicals and toxins with efficiency. We are very excited to finally release this product and make it available to purchase exclusively from our online store.

With such a grandiose array of goodness, these two ingredients have been selected from the bottom of the ocean all the way to the highest peaks of the Earth in order to encourage a brute force of natural vitality.

You might say we have created the ultimate 'Surf & Turf'.

Health Benefits of Sea Moss include:

- Boosts Immunity

- Improves Thyroid Health

- Reduces Inflammation

- Clears Mucus

- Increases Energy

- Improves Fertility

- Encourages Healthy Skin

- Increases Metabolism

- Improves Gut Health

- Improves Cardiac Health

- Improves Sexual Function

Shilajit & Wildcrafted Sea Moss Capsules are now available to purchase through our online store here.


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