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PRODUCT LAUNCH: Altai Mountain Shilajit Dry Drops

We have been eagerly anticipating to unveil our newest product to you for quite some time now, (drumroll please), and we are finally ready to announce our newest addition to our 'one stop Shilajit shop' shelf, Altai Mountain Shilajit Dry Drops.

As many (some say the 'purists') enjoy the ritual of using the pure resin everyday by mixing into a hot drink, blending into a smoothie or adding to a recovery formula (or for the hardcore, even licking it straight off the spoon!), we understand that not everybody has the time available in the morning to prepare the perfect shilajit. Even if it does destroy the inner weakness! So, for those constantly on the move or with a hectic schedule, we have crafted the perfect solution just for you.....Altai Mountain Shilajit Dry Drops!

Shilajit Dry Drops are the most convenient way to get your shilajit fix. The same supreme quality as our Siberian Pure Shilajit Resin, only in handy 200mg tablets, and only £19.99 for

60 tablets (approx a one month supply).

Simply pop 1-2 from the packet and either throw down the hatch or dissolve in a hot drink and go about your day with a supercharged spring in your step.

You can expect all of the same health benefits as the original resin as of course, we do not compromise on quality and pride ourselves on supplying some of the world's best quality shilajit resin and extracts.

Altai Mountain Shilajit Dry Drops are now available to purchase from our online store alongside our full stack shilajit product range:

- Siberian Pure Shilajit Resin

- Himalayan Shilajit Extract

- Shilajit Mushroom Blend

- Shilajit Ointment

- Shilajit Soap

To view our full range click the link below:


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