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Your plants will love shilajit as much as you do!

As every living organism needs 102 minerals to function at its maximum potential, Altai Mountain Shilajit resin provides over 85 of those trace minerals, the perfect foundation and building blocks for a rich and healthy environment for your plants. 

Happy Gardener

Using Shilajit in your regular gardening routine will encourage rapid growth and repair and maintain healthy soil essential for getting the most out of your plant life. 


As Shilajit is 100% natural and organic, derived from humic organisms and plant matter, it’s the ultimate fertiliser and feed for your garden, making the bioavailability of your crops reach their full genetic potential. 


Why restrict the benefits of Shilajit to yourself? Your garden will thank you for it and the harvest will be better than ever before. 


We guarantee it. 

We suggest making a Shilajit water solution to use on your plants which is super simple and extremely effective.


Mix 100-200mg of Altai Mountain Shilajit Resin per 1 gallon of water and drench your garden once a week. Use this solution from seed until harvest. 


We suggest using filtered or distilled water for the best results but using your regular water will work just fine too. 


For germination and cloning plants, use a foliar spray to drench the seeds or leaves 24 hours before transplanting for the best results. 


For plants that produce resin, we suggest ceasing using the solution as the plant starts to flower. 


Happy gardening!

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