About Altai Mountain Shilajit

From the Mountain Top to your Table Top

Altai Mountain Shilajit supply a supreme quality collection of shilajit products sourced from the highest mountain ranges on the planet.

We source and supply pure, authentic and high quality shilajit resin and shilajit extract.


shilajit resin

Our Pure Siberian Shilajit Resin is sourced directly from the beautiful Altai Republic, an autonomous region in Western Siberia. 

We use traditional harvesting methods and purify using hot water, leaving the product as pure and potent as possible with a fulvic acid content of above 70%.

The Altai Mountains are scarcely populated and remain largely untouched and unexplored. They cover an area of over 845,000 square kilometres and reach heights over 14,000 ft (4500m).

The Altai Republic is home to dramatic landscapes and scenery, an abundance of wildlife, flora and fauna and a mineral rich soil which remains unpolluted. 

Each batch of Altai Mountain Shilajit is 3rd party lab tested for guaranteed quality ensuring our Shilajit delivers the maximum health benefits for our customers.

shilajit extract

We source Shilajit Extract from the Indian Himalayas. 

Shilajit extract is dehydrated pure shilajit resin in powdered form. 

We use this extract to manufacture our own products from here in the UK.

As the nature of fulvic acid is to act as a lightning bolt for other nutrients, shilajit is perfect for combining with other herbs, roots and plant extracts as it will help the body to absorb the qualities of the accompanying ingredients.


Fulvic acid of shilajit extract content is above 60% and third party lab tested for quality and purity.


As a family business, we want to give a positive experience for all of our customers, as well as trying to use ethical business practices. 


Each order comes with a 60 day guarantee.

Loyalty points for every purchase.

Monthly £5 off subscriptions.

20% discount for re-using pots.

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