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team altai mountain

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Team Altai Mountain are our sponsored athletes and affiliates. Each representing their respected fields competitively over mixed martial arts and combat sports, skateboarding, golf, steel mace, personal training and calisthenics.  

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mike figlak

MMA PRofessional / UFC Lightweight 

26, Polish born Mixed Martial Art Pro Mike 'Mad Dog' Figlak. Trains out of Trojan Free Fighters in Gloucester and recently made his UFC debut after going 8 wins in a row in the Cage Warriors Lightweight Division. 

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cage warriors southeast atomweight champion

Rhi 'the Cannon' Hudson is a PT from Essex and the current Cage Warriors SE Academy Atomweight Champion.

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mario 'rudeboy' saeed

brazilian jiu-jitsu blackbelt

Mario 'Rudeboy' Saeed is the first Kurd to obtain a belt belt in BJJ. A veteran in the UK MMA scene, Mario owns and coaches full-time at Trojan Free Fighters in Bristol. 

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louie 'love' jones

pro skateboarder

Louie 'Love' Jones has been signed to Nike and Es previously and currently rides for Palace Skateboards out of London.

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matt figlak

mma professional / cage warriors welterweight

The elder of the Figlak Brothers, Matt has an impressive 7-1 record in the Cage Warriors Welterweight Division. Matt has a title shot in his sights as he continues his win streak.

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Leon fricker

pga europro

Plymouth based Leon Fricker, 29, is a PGA EuroPro Golfer looking to work his way into the PGA Tour and Masters.

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asad alshamsi

calisthenics athlete

Bristol based Asad, 24, is a hot prospect in the UK calisthenics scene. Showing off his skills in the light-heavyweight category at the Kalos Sthenos Championships at the Arnold Sports Festival UK.

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nathias frederick

cage warriors middleweight

Nathias 'Notorious' Frederick, former Cage Warriors Middleweight Champion based out of Birmingham, UK. 

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