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Shilajit in its most pure and potent form.

Harvested from the high altitudes of the Altai Mountains and hot water purified, our pure Siberian shilajit is our original classic.

Available in 10g, 20g, 30g, 40g and 125g bamboo pots, complete with serving scoop. 

For general everyday use we recommend about 0.5g (about a small pea sized scoop) and dissolve into your beverage.

Monthly subscription available.


Himalayan Shilajit Extract


Our shilajit extract is harvested from the Indian Himalayas. Extract is made by dehydrating shilajit resin which leaves a fine powder. 

Although not quite as potent as the pure shilajit resin, the extract capsules still have a fulvic acid content of well over 60% and consumption is quick and convenient. 

Shilajit extract & wildcrafted sea moss

A blend of Himalayan Shilajit Extract and full spectrum wildcrafted Sea Moss from the coasts of Zanzibar. 

The Ultimate Surf & Turf as we like to call it.

Sea Moss is known to contain over 92 nutrients, combined with the 85 essential elements from shilajit, this is a powerhouse combination of natural nutrition. 

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Shilajit Mushroom blend

A combination of Himalayan Shilajit Extract and four adaptogenic medicinal mushrooms, Reishi, Chaga, Lion's Mane & Cordyceps extracts. 

The adaptogenic qualities of these wonderful fungi offer a range of potential benefits, heightened by the lightning bolt effect of fulvic acid.

All mushroom extracts are lab tested for quality sourced from the Americas.

shilajit resin daily drops


Pure Siberian Shilajit Resin cold pressed into convenient 200 mg tablet servings.

Shilajit Daily Drops can be swallowed like a tablet or capsule or dissolved into warm liquid to consume.

Monthly subscription available. 

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shilajit skin balm

An all natural selection of essential oils, herbal extracts and flower extracts, fused with shilajit resin. 

Fortified in vitamins, minerals and trace elements, shilajit ointment has diverse qualities effective on cellular rejuvenation and repair on the skin. 

Ingredients include coconut, sunflower, olive, pumpkin, shea butter, aloe vera, peppermint and shilajit. 

Ointment can be effective for dermatological conditions such as burns, wounds, bruising, rashes, eczema and contains anti-inflammatory qualities.

Shilajit soap

All natural ingredients, hand made cold pressed shilajit infused soap bars. 

Ingredients include aloe vera, coconut, sunflower, olive oil, pumpkin oil,  peppermint oil and Siberian Shilajit Resin. 

Fragrant and soothing, nourishing the skin with vital trace elements and biologically active nutrients for repair and revitalisation.

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